Mt. Klitsa — An Honest to goodnest 5000 footer behind Sproat Lake!

I had previously only been up Klitsa in the spring from the north side, and it was mostly on snow. I was a little concerned about finding our way on the logging roads, but with detailed driving directions and the Backroads Mapbook, we found our way without difficulty. We left Nanaimo shortly after 7 a.m. Rod and I commenced hiking at 9:20 at the 525 m. elevation point, and after walking up the deactivated logging road for 40 minutes reached the trailhead at 800 m. elevation. We then ambled through beautiful first-growth forest for another 40 minutes before breaking out into the sub-alpine. We now had our first view of Klitsa, and walked beside tarns and through meadows for another hour, before we came out into the alpine. A short while later we reached the summit block, and we followed the trail up to the right, whereupon Rod scampered up steepish rock to the summit. But me, not feeling comfortable scrambling up rock, waited at the bottom. After Rod joined me, we headed further out to the right to have our lunch, where we had stupendous views of Sproat Lake 5000 feet below, and the snow-covered peaks of Strathcona to the north. We then started back down, but noticed a trail heading to the left, and quickly and easily made our way to the summit. From here, at 1642 m., the view was even better, with views of tarns and lakes and the Mackenzie’s to the west as well. We then headed down, reaching the truck about 4:30. Quite the day!

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