Mt. Cokely On A Very Windy Day

Not every hike goes as planned. Sunday, October 19th, the Island Mountain Ramblers head out on the scheduled Mt. Cokely trip We planned to ascend the Saddle Route and intended a a descent along the Rousseau Trail. I have wanted to do Cokely’s summit again for quite some time, this trip offered that opportunity with the addition of a new descending route. We rendezvoused at Chapter at 7:45 am with a second rendezvous point at Whisky Creek Co-Op. In total 10 hikers joined in on the Sunday Adventure.

GPS Route with Photographic Annotation

Total Distance: 9.7 km
Starting Elevation: 1047 m
Maximum Elevation: 1610 m
Total Elevation Gain: 805 m

As we approached the Cameron Mainline turnoff, near the Hump heading along highway 4 toward Port Alberni, the sky was gray but offered some hope of a nice day. In the distance we could see the clouds breaking up.  Unfortunately as we began the route, the rain started. Though the weather persist ed throughout the day and we would ascend into the clouds, we were not deprived of a few amazing views. Further, we would not be deprived of real adventure!

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