Christie Falls, Thistle Mine via Camus Ridge

–Submitted by John Young

9 of us had a wonderful 5-hour ramble to Camus Ridge, Thistle Mine, and Christie Falls, thanks to the amiable guidance of John Wells.There was a lot of logging road travel, some on the Trans Canada Trail, but the above-named attractions more than made up for it. The mine shaft isn’t long, but is interesting, with traces of ore veins in the rocks and rails still in the tunnels. The falls were quite spectacular, even when they weren’t going full bore. I’d like to go back when they’re full! We did see, too, a wonderful canyon in Bush Creek festooned in ferns, an old cabin, and some experimental forests. The only downer was the abundance of garbage at the trailhead! 

Matthew Lettington also submitted a trip report, read his on his blog.

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