Dover Bay Flores Island Backpacking Trip – June 24-26, 2015

On June 24, I led a group of 12 students, 2 grade 8’s, 7 grade 9’s, 2 grade 11’s, and 1 grade 12, to Flores Island, a 35 minute water-taxi ride from Tofino on Vancouver Island’s west coast.

The water-taxi ride over to Flores. 

After docking, we had a short walk through the Ahousaht Indian Reserve to the trailhead. 

Some of us at the trailhead, in a light drizzle. 

Hideki and Zack crossing one of the many beaches on our 11 k. hike to our campsite. 

Emma on some seaside scrambling. 

Brayden heading up one of the headland trails. 

Because it was a rising tide, I elected to take the notorious “Trail of Tears,” instead of taking
the short-cut across the river. The trail wasn’t made any more pleasant with the light drizzle that
drenched all the salal. 

The kids entertained themselves with games of concentration whenever the opportunity arose. 

Despite the soaked wood, the gang managed to get a fire going. 

Ah! Leigh with the no-bake cheesecake. I overhead one of the campers say she’d “never tasted anything as good!”

Jay putting the final touches to the cheesecake. 

Roasting smokies over the fire at Cow Bay.

The second day, Thursday, we headed off at about 9:30 on a hike up the coast, some drizzle again. 

Another game of concentration. 

Katie maneuvering through the rocks. 

Crossing Cow River. 

Some lovely seaside scrambling.

Fording another creek. 

Peter leading the way down the rocks. 

Beautiful shells along the way!

Leigh’s collection of shells. 

Heading back to camp. 

Collectiing firewood along the way back to camp. 

Sandrine and Melanie with some nimble moves across the creek. 

That’s a big piece of wood!

Back at camp a few of them braved the cold waters for a dip. 

A selfie on the rocks at camp. 

Harlequin ducks near camp. 

Making Jay into a “mermaid.”

Peter bites the sand. 

And then the sun finally came out!

The whole group. 

Heading back to Ahousaht on Friday. 

Fording the river so that we avoided the “Trail of Tears.”

Sunny, and becoming hot on Friday. 

Jay and David nearing Ahousaht. 

On the boat ride back. 

Tired campers!

But still having fun!

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