Crest Mountain

–submitted by Lisa Hanlon
Gorgeous day for a hike up Crest mountain. We met at the trailhead at 8:30am on Saturday, September 10th.. After a slog up the switchbacks through beautiful old growth forest, we were rewarded with the first views of King’s Peak. Once we emerged from the forest into the sunny alpine, we stopped for a snack break.

Upon reaching the radio tower, with beautiful surrounding views, we stopped for lunch. The summit was about a kilometer further, back in the alpine with few views so we decided to forego the summit to enjoy our lunch and explore around the alpine with beautiful views, as Lisa had a commitment back in Duncan to make it to in the evening.
img_7922 img_8061
On our way down, we stopped at the lake as Jon wanted to take a dip. Despite the chilly water, he had a good swim around. The hike down went by quickly, despite an unfortunate wasp sting. Annie was stung after the people in front stirred up the nest. We arrived back at the car at 2:30, having made great time.
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