Gemini Mountain Double Peaks

–submitted by Phil Jackson

In the early mornign, 15 Nanaimo hikers met at Harewood Mall Starbucks, under threatening skies and proceeded to Nanaimo Lakes on our way to hike up Gemini Mountain. Hitting the trail after 9am we proceeded through old growth forest and within 45minutes summited the first summit under rainy skies.

We then departed towards the second summit. As we proceeded gusts of wind hit us, forcing us to keep to the forest as much as possible. It wasn’t long before we summited the second summit. The wind and snow were not as welcoming as it sounds, and we quickly departed the summit to a lower location to avoid the wind. We too a break to eat and layer up. Our club president conferred with another club executive and it was decided that the Gemini trip was a Ridge Ramble, which made us happy as it is a beautiful ridge to hike.

We returned through blowing snow and rain, traversing over the first summit and then back tot he vehicles. Altogether we hiked for 4.5 hrs.

Many thanks to all those that participated, especially to those that drove.

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