Wesley Ridge Traverse, 04-29-17 (An Island Mountain Ramblers’ Outing)

–submitted by John Young

The forecast for the day was not promising – showers starting in the late morning with rain moving in in the early afternoon. Highs of about 10 degrees, and since we were hiking up to about 900 meters above sea level, we expected to see some snow. And we weren’t disappointed! Although, the rain never materialized, and we did have some wonderful views. Overall, another wonderful hike on Vancouver Island.

We started off by walking through Cathedral Grove and along the west shore of Cameron Lake before scrambling up a steep trail to the defunct railroad tracks above.

We walked the rails for a few minutes before once again heading uphill.
Trudging up the shoulder of Mt. Wesley, with Cameron Lake below.
A steeper section near the “summit.”
Snowing on the summit (the photographer didn’t make it into the photo in time).
Yes, it was cold along the ridge, but the great views atoned for it.

Some rougher going along the seesaw ridge.

And some beautiful moss too!

The last viewpoint at the end of the lake.
 Crossing the trestle at the east end of Cameron Lake.
And after seven hours we were done, just as the rain started in earnest. Good timing or what!


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