Mount Benson : The Outer Route

submitted by Mary Hof

Sunday June 11, 7 hikers signed up for Mt. Benson car shuttle doing the Outer route. After many emails making sure the car shuttle would work and we have enough cars, so no one had to wait, it worked out 100%.

We started hiking from Morell Sanctuary and the weather was perfect we headed to Robert’s Roost had a short break and then headed up the South East ridge. We stopped for a snack on the ridge, 3.75 hours later from when we started,  we made the summit.

Views were great all the way up, flowers were also very nice. Heading down the North, climbers way and made it to Witchcraft Lake in just under 7 hours. I love doing it this way as we saw no one on the trails, up, or down, the summit there were many people. If your planning to do this hike it is a slog, 3.75 hours of up, 1000m elevation gain, but the views always please. Most photo’s credits go to Ray Billings

Leader Mary Hof

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