Canada Day Constitutional

–submitted by John Robertson

8 people met at the hike terminus, at Oyster Sto-Lo road, then piled into 2 cars for the drive to the trailhead, at Spruston Road. We had excellent weather, although a bit of atmospheric haze obscured the views slightly.

Our route strung together a series of ridges, Starting on the White Pine trail, taking us past Crystal and Timberlands Lakes, down over the supension bridge at Haslam creek, to Camus ridge, and finally back to the cars. Pace was leisurely, with many pauses to enjoy the scenery. Although elevation only ranged between about 100m and 350m, the ups and downs added to over 1000m, all in small increments. It was a perfect way to enjoy the morning on Canada’s 150th, enjoying the land and the companionship, and founding new friendships.

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