Boston Falls –Trip Cancelled!

–submitted by Matthew Lettington

It was late on Sunday morning that I made the call to cancel a long-planned trip to the Boston Falls lookout. I woke in the morning to find emails from participants that reported cancellations, people who wouldn’t drive through snow, and reports of 3″ of snow on the ground in Courtenay and Cambell River.

I thought carefully and weighed my options. In the end, the decision not to go examined carefully the reasons to continue. I feared that my only reason to continue the trip would be to fulfil my own sense of accomplishment and stroke my ego, but the risk would be the safety of the others involved.

Because I cancelled the trip so late I drove to the rendezvous in case people didn’t get the email –boy am I glad I did! By 8:30, eight people arrived at the rendezvous. So rather than waste the mornign we all decided to go for breakfast at ABC restaurant. It was a long breakfast where we had many discussions about the club. Thanks to everyone that came for breakfast, and sorry for the very late cancellation. I’ll do my best to get another trip on the schedule.

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