Mount Flannigan – Spring Summit

-submitted by Matthew Lettington

March 25, 2018

On March 25th, three Island Mountain Ramblers braved a poor forecast and made an early spring summit of Mount Flannigan. The three met at the Hydro Project at 7:15 am, found luck with the hydro gate being open, and drove nearly 20 km down the logging road where they finally parked at ~550m.  Using a route that climbed through steep slash and beautiful old growth ridge, the three made their summit and then head off to the highpoint on the ridge.

After a brief lunch and a long time admiring the surrounding peaks, the three made their way back to the vehicles along the roads. The snow was in fine condition in the morning. The lower elevations bore our weight allowing us to ascend without the use of snowshoes. In the higher elevation we were stubborn, when the snow become powdery we still left our snowshoes on our backs and instead suffered through the variable snow.


It was a great day with some of the best views of the spring…. Get it. Haha.

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