Christie Falls – Thistle Mine – Camas Ridge

~submitted by Bil Derby

May 27, 2018

Eight of us gathered at the end of Arroyo Road just south of Ladysmith to make introductions and swap out flip-flops for boots before starting up the logging road at 09:00, right on time.  The grind of logging road walking was offset by laughter and stories as we wandered along to the trail that leads up to the old cabin and on to Christie Falls, or in Mike’s words it’s “Christie Hill” for lack of water.

A quick descent along Bush Creek and to the Ladysmith Sportsman’s Club and off up the roads again to make the trail head for the Thistle Mine.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the mine itself but no takers were found to scramble up and out the ventilation shaft – maybe next time.

Yet more road walking before making the quick ascent onto Camus Ridge itself where we stopped for a brief bite to eat and a rare episode of the Mike and Bil Comedy Show.

The ridge was, as usual, a lovely ramble through an arbutus forest with nice views back to the Thistle Mine side of Mt Hayes and off to the coast mountains but we were too late for the camas themselves.

This is a nice hike with three interesting and varied objectives connected by a fair bit of road walking, which happily, was easily offset by the quality of the company. Of the eight of us, four were very new members and one guest; it was a pleasure to meet new people.

Thanks to Mavis W, Patrick P, Janet L, Julianna W, Mike H, Judy C, and Merrit M for sharing the day with me.

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