Flores Island Backpack

~ submitted by John Young

May 19-20, 2018

Susann and I and seven lucky women  (or is that lucky me and seven women?!) journeyed over to Flores Island from Tofino on the May long weekend. And my seventh time on this wonderful trail didn’t disappoint!

We headed out from Tofino on a smooth, 35-minute taxi ride, and disembarked at Ahousaht.  After a short walk through the First Nation’s Reserve, we came to the first of seven beaches.  We rounded the point at low tide, which saved us having to hike over the notorious “Trail of Tears,” the inland by-pass route.

There were many hikers on the trail for the long weekend, in spite of the clouds draped over Mt. Flores.  A multitude of Indian paintbrush crowded the shore at Cow Bay.

Sunday morning we headed out across the beach and into the lush rainforest of the island.  The beaches were covered in lush seaweed and wonderful sea and spider art.  We had some fun jumping creeks, humping across logs, and otherwise fording bodies of water along the way.

Another wonderful and successful hike on the beautiful Flores Island (except the part where I dropped my camera lens!).

More photos to be seen here: John Young – Flores Island photos

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