Many Peaks: Silver Level Lifetime Climbing Objective

Congratulations are in order for Clarke Gourlay. He has completed more than 15 of the 20 Lifetime Climbing Objectives and has earned the Silver Award. Clarke will receive his award at the Fall meeting.

Elkhorn Mountain

Rambler Peak


# Mountain Date Climbing Partners
1 Mt. Arrowsmith Multiple times almost every year since 2010 Multiple partners
2 Golden Hinde 04-Aug-11 Bob Mueller, Raymond, John & Kevin Gourlay and 5 others
3 The Red Pillar 24-Jun-12 Bob Mueller, John Gourlay and two others
4 Kings Peak 03-Jul-12 John & Kevin Gourlay
5 Mt. Klitsa Jun-14 Alberni Valley Outdoor Club (also climbed in 2017 with Bob M.)
6 Victoria Peak 23-Jul-16 Evan Devalt & Drew C.
7 Elkhorn Mountain 31-Jul-16 Matt Lettington & Ramblers
8 Nine Peaks 23-Jul-17 Bob Mueller and two others
9 Rambler Peak 31-Jul-17 Matt Lettington & Phil Jackson
10 Mt. George V 20-Aug-17 Solo hike (with Wesley the dog)
11 Rugged Mountain 24-Sep-17 Evan Devalt and ACCVI
12 Mt. Schoen 14-Jul-18 Roxanne Stedman, Ramblers & ACCVI
13 Mt. Matchlee 28-Jul-18 Phil Jackson, ACCVI & Ramblers
14 Mt. Colonel Foster 08-Aug-18 Robert Ramsay & Roxanne Stedman
15 Mariner Mountain 20-Aug-18 Bob Mueller and two others
16 Mt. McBride 02-Sep-18 Kevin Gourlay & Ramblers
17 Maitalnd Range
18 Mt. Donner
19 Mt. Filberg
20 Splendor Mountain

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