Landslide Lake

June 15 – 16, 2019

~ submitted by Julianna Wells

The group of 8 met at the Elk River Trail parking area on a beautiful June morning and headed out at 8:45am.  The trail was dry and the forest was showing it’s many shades of green all along the way. 

The creek that was recently overflowing onto the trail has since retreated and was easily crossed on some well-placed logs. We made good time, arriving to the gravel bar camping area around noon. After setting up camp and having lunch, we broke into two groups and started off towards Landslide Lake. 

The first group made short work of this section, and then continued on to Burg (Foster) Lake to enjoy the views of Mt Colonel Foster, Elkhorn Mtn, and Landslide Lake from above. After a break and resupply of water, the group retraced their steps back down and around Landslide Lake.

The second group had made their way to Landslide Lake and enjoyed a swim and rest in the sunshine while waiting for the others to return.

At 6pm, we all left Landslide Lake together and headed back to the camping area for dinner and riverside visits while we watched the (nearly) full moon rise.

In the morning, we enjoyed a leisurely start before heading out at 10:00am.  A group photo at the waterfall and lunch at Puzzle Creek were our only major stops on the walk back to the trailhead on another beautiful day on the Elk River Trail.

Thank you to everyone for coming along and helping to make this such an enjoyable weekend!

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