Bald Mountain — Lemonade

–submitted by Matthew Lettington

I set out with the best intentions, leading a trip up Heather Mountain. But after our rendezvous near the highway, the two drivers lost track of each other on the dusty logging road. Though each driver insists they didn’t turn off the logging road, and each drove the length of the road multiple times, we didn’t make it to the trailhead. We must have passed each other three times.

We spent a lot of time trying to salvage the trip, but when it was clear that wasn’t possible the hikers in each vehicle made plans independent of each other.
I was lucky to have Goody in my vehicle, and she led Michael and me on a lovely, though short, hike up Blad Mountain.

We enjoyed our hike up this well developed regional trail to the summit of Bald Mountain (622 meters). The blue skies offered unrelenting sun and heat, and the dark blue waters of the lake taunted us with unreachable cold waters.

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