The Cat’s Ear

July 21st, 2019

~ submitted by Phil Jackson

With clear skies, cool breeze, and warm –yet not scorching– weather we had high hopes of reaching the summit of The Cats Ear. We had intended to approach via Highway 4 but when we arrived at the head of the “road”, we had a good laugh at the dense bush and changed our plan. 

From the Triple Peak Trailhead, we climbed quickly toward the lake below the summit but as we climbed insects and an upset tummy thwarted our efforts. We decided to push on to the second, higher lake in hopes that our situation would improve.

Despite reaching this lake in just around 2 hours we decided to call the trip and spent the remainder of the finding an alternate route back to the first lake. There we chatted with Garner and his friend, some of us swam in the lake, but before long we found ourselves back at the Jeep. 

We’ll be back The Cats Ear!  

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