West Coast Trail Hike

June 15 – 21, 2019

~ submitted by Sherry Durnford

We lucked out with weather for our June West Coast Trail hike.   What is usually a wet month turned out to be ideal conditions for hiking the WCT! 

Our group spanned 6 decades from a vicenarian (person in 20’s) to a septuagenarian (person in 70’s)   For a group that hadn’t hiked together previously, our trip went famously.  

Special thanks go to Quinn who helped fix broken equipment, was a key navigator and route finder, worked to consensus on route alternatives, and kept tabs on the slowest member of the group (the coordinator).   

Thanks also to our chief fire builder, Holly, who took abused fire rings and made them warm and inviting on the cold evenings. 

Special thanks too to Linda who spent Friday to take her car down to Port Renfrew and rode the shuttle from hell up to Pachena Bay so we wouldn’t have to wait ½ a day to get transported out. 

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  1. What a wonderful reminder of a great trip – thanks so much to you Sherry for pulling us all together, for your stories and indomitable adventurous spirit (book in the works?) and for your leadership and navigational expertise. Thanks also to Peter for setting such an admirable example of life long hiking achievements and for your company of course!

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