Mount Apps from Buckley Bay Side

September 28, 2019

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

On Saturday, October 28th, I led a group of 9 –including a 13-month-old—to the summit of Mount Apps. The sun may have been shining but that did not offer much reprieve from the biting cold and bitter wind.

The recent logging on the Buckley Bay side of the range has left a good road to the crest of the mountain at 1300 metres. As we had a group in a 2WD sedan, we parked around 1150 and continued on foot.

At the end of the road, we joined the lightly booted route from that leads along the ridge. As we hiked, we caught up with the CDMC group. We slowed to easier pace to allow everyone a chance to converse. Within an hour, we were on the first bump and enjoying the sun, even though the wind persisted.

Happy with the sunny day and dry weather, we continued along the ridge to the summit. After eating lunch, and enjoying the amazing views, we turned back to the vehicles.

We were less than 4 hours return, but it was a great trip.

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