Mount Benson Project — Trail Work

–submitted by Matthew Lettington

The Mount Benson Project continues to roll along. During the summer, we spent our time diverting water and shoring up the eroding bank. Since then, we have been reluctant to do any work that relies on the integrity of the work previously done. When the fall rains arrived, we examined the results of the work, and it appears that most of the water is being diverted off the trail. Though there is still more work to be done in this area, we are ready to move into some other areas of work.

Dustin, using the hammer drill to create a socket for rebar.

On Wednesday, October 30, Dustin and Matthew loaded their backpacks and set out with adhesive, rebar, and hammer drill do work that added steps in a few key places within our section.

Before and After Pictures 

This short section is below the eroding bank and above the rocky step. The rock is soft and frequently chips off create unstable footing. To create an easier route, we added a step that acts as a landing. In the winter, this will be far easier to navigate because it can be icy. Just above the rock, you can see the addition of another step which levels the section and should prevent it from eroding further. 

Above the lower section of road, the main obstacle is a rocky step that requires –for many people– the use of their hands. The challenge with the obstacle was descending down to the uneven terrain at the base. We created a landing to raise the ground and create a level step.

Future Work

There is still work to be done in diverting water, but this work will require a laborious effort to dig trenches and build up areas of depressed land to control the flow of water. 

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