Mount Becher

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It’s hard to believe – but here it is, February 2 (Groundhog Day!) and I just went on my first snowshoe trip of the season.

That said, it was pretty darn epic. Seven of us tackled Mount Becher. It snowed almost non-stop, ergo, very few photos. And when I say “snowed” I mean almost white-out conditions at times.

We got to the top where there was a dramatic wind – so windy that the bits of flying snow and ice stung out faces pretty bad. Not the place for lunch; we hoofed it back down until we found shelter in some trees.

Views? Well – look at the photos: what you see is what you get for views.

But I pretended because I know about all the mountains you can see from the top.

Still – I loved the day! It was wonderful to be out in the snow, the fresh air, Whiskey Jacks landing on my hand, stealing my sandwich.

Great company.

Beauty all around.

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