Maple Mountain

February 29th, 2020

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

It’s been a lot of sleeps since I last walked the Blue and Yellow trails that traverse the east face of Maple Mountain. Today, it didn’t disappoint.

Our group of eight walked the easy trails in a winding route to complete a loop. We took a break in the sun, resting where the route comes close to the water. 

Where the Yellow trail meets the Blue, and then the blue intersects the Pink, the group split in two. While two continued the last kilometre back to the car, six of us spent the extra time to reach the cell tower lookout. 

As chilled the air was in the shadows, in the sun we smiled and broke a sweat as we puffed with effort. By the time we arrived back at the car we covered 13 kilometres and 900 metres of elevation gain.  

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