Spring Forward Sunrise

March 8th, 2020

~ submitted by John Robertson

It was cold and dark when we set out from our parking spot near the highway.  The moon was low, shining through light cloud. Our headlamps made the frost and ice sparkle. We made quick time on easy trails, making quiet conversation.

As the path steepened, conversation waned. Our uphill effort banished the cold, as the dark changed to morning twilight. We climbed, glancing frequently behind us, to the southeast, in anticipation of sunrise.

We were crunching through the previous day’s snow as the sun came up. We stopped at a viewpoint for snacks and tea, and to admire the changing colours. We welcomed the warmth of the sun, and continued on our way.

As we lost elevation, the snow cover diminished, although the puddles we encountered were patterned with ice. We then climbed up to Camas ridge. The rich verdant green of the moss was a remarkable contrast to the frost, snow, and ice we encountered earlier. As we finished the hike, we all agreed that the effort of getting out of bed for the early start was well worth it.

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