Boston Ridge & Mount Becher

July 5th, 2020

~ submitted by Bil Derby

With cooler temperatures and light drizzle in the forecast four of us gathered at the “old Forbidden Plateau Ski hill” trailhead under overcast skies.  After a few minutes spent catching up and discussing the day’s plan we headed downhill, replete with the expected commentary about starting a hike downhill, to pick up the trail to Boston Creek.  

With little flow the creek crossing was dry and simple.  And so, after a few photos of the water falls we headed upwards … and upwards.  As none of us have done this trip before there was some minor head scratching once we reached the sections overtaken by logging roads.  

This trip has some serious ups and downs in elevation and a wide variety of environments before making the final approach to Mt Becher. This variety spawns a range of emotion as the trail wanders through second growth, old growth, clear cuts, alder lined former roads, and finally into the alpine.

The sun peeked through at times for nice views of Comox Lake and westward. Lunch on the summit with the Whiskey Jacks and a quick downhill to the Forbidden Plateau trail and out the trailhead by 15.15hrs for a 6.5 hour loop in beautiful country with good people.

Thanks to my hiking partners for their patience with my initial pace today – a little slower than usual but some days run like that and today was one.

16km + 1,072m elevation gain

All photos courtesy of Linda F.

(Note: the historic starting point for the Boston Ridge trail lower down on Forbidden Plateau Road is currently closed due to active logging which is fine because that trail would deposit hikers at the bottom of a very nasty log jam on Boston Creek)

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