Green Mountain sub-summit and trail work

June 27, 2020

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

On June 27, under dark grey skies, six club members set off to trim out the Sno Bird Trail between K-15 branch and the verdant meadow on the west side of the Green Mountain massif.

All told, we spent an hour trimming back alder, cutting deadfall, and adding a few trail markers to the already existing route. Once the hard work was done, we started the climb up the hill.

By visiting the meadow three times in a month, it’s easy to take stock of the changes that come with spring. Today, we spotted at least ten kinds of flowers, and the bracken ferns are reaching well above Octavia’s head; even though they haven’t yet unfurled their delicate leaves. 

While Ross, me and the kids headed north to the sub summit, Rishi and Dustin bolted for the main summit. The route to the sub summit traversed some open alpine old-growth and included some good ol’ fashioned bushwhacking for us to make it to our destination. 

It was a great day in the mountains. 

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