Indianhead Mountain

June 28th, 2020

~ submitted by Christine Rivers

The group met at the bottom of the road that goes up to Mt. Washington, drove in two high clearance vehicles to the trailhead. 

We hiked on the well trodden trail to McKenzie and Douglas lakes.  It was wet underfoot, but not too wet.  McKenzie meadows was beautiful. 

Then along the traverse trail that goes from Wood Mt. park to Forbidden Plateau area.  There is a sign for a lookout.  Up that trail and follow the less used trail, rambling along and up to the top of Indianhead Mt. 

The peak is not spectacular but the views are.  Becher, Comox Glacier, Reese Ridge, George V, Frink, Albert Edward, Reagan, Jutland and more. 

We were lucky with a beautiful clear day.  On the way back, some of us swam in Douglas Lake.

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