Beating the heat on Mt. Cokely – August 16, 2020


As the temperatures soared to 30 degrees in the valley below, the strong wind on Mt. Cokely kept us cool, for the most part. The views, the flowers, the rock scrambling, and the wonderful company made for another great outing in the mountains of Vancouver

Island. We started off about 9 a.m. with a short walk up the old road.

And then through the trees

to the Mt. Arrowsmith – Cokely Saddle

Bursting with blooms!

Then we scrambled up to the shoulder of Cokely

And on up to the summit

“Are you coming?” Chica was probably thinking a lot of the time.

What a view!

Then a walk along the upper Rosseau Route

And down the gully and back to our vehicles

After doing a little clipping and cutting we returned to our vehicles about 6 hours after we started. And our two youngest Ramblers were a delight to have along!

Thanks to Bil Derby for contributing some great photos to this post.

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