The Golden Hinde(less) Traverse – July 18-24, 2020


July 18

Starting out at 9:40 a.m. at an elevation of 320 m. , we had smooth going on the lower Elk River Trail

Four hours later, we took the trail less-travelled towards Elk Pass

A bushy affair until we broke out of the trees

And up towards the pass, where we set up camp at 7 p.m. at 1268 m. el., after having travelled 13.5 k.


Because it was getting late, we didn’t reach the bowl between Rambler Peak and Mt. Slocum, and our site was rough

Paul lowering our food bags over the cliff for our “mouse cache”


We reasoned (hoped) that we were out of bear country, so just protected our food from smaller critters


July 19

Heading up to Elk Pass


We lost the trail coming down from the pass, but re-gained it lower down


We had planned to get to the marked tent-site past Mt. Devoe, but with terrain like in the photo below it was slow going


At 5 p.m. we came to this beautiful spot with a little tarn and set up camp

Above photo: Michael Paskevicius

July 20


And some fine camp food! (Minute rice, rehydrated tomatoe sauce and vegies, and TSP)


July 21

Digging the morning latrine pit


Although we didn’t use our ice-axes for their intended purpose, they were very useful!

We went off-route descending from the divide, making for slow and tiring going

And then a little astray heading up to the Behinde’s SW shoulder

But, we got back on track and reached camp at the South Tarn at 7 p.m. Exhausted!

But a beautiful spot with just enough space for our four tents


July 22


Andrew had “in-Reached” us the night before from their camp on north Burman,  saying that they hadn’t summitted, so we decided not to try. I wasn’t too disappointed, as I was exhausted and we still had three long days ahead of us. Andrew also said they were going down to Westmin, instead of continuing with the traverse, and since Ashley had hurt her knee the second day, she wondered if she could take the shorter route out with the other group. After I relayed this info to Andrew, we set out, meeting up with them in three hours. Then Paul also decided to join them, and Andrew came with Michael and me and our two groups split up at Schelderup Lake, and the three of us started up the tough steep hike, climbing 500 m. from the lake to the ridge above.

Rough going on the way up


Above photo: Michael Paskevicius

Relaxing on the ridge

Another long day, as we didn’t get into camp until 7 p.m., just north of Mt. Judy, where we once again cleared out rocks for our tents. Colder this night, too, getting down to about three degrees.

July 23

A spectacular day with rugged limestone formations and an abundance of flowers!

Viewing the Hinde – “Coulda, woulda, shoulda” – NOT!

And lots of elevation gain and loss, naturally!


We reached a pretty tarn at 5 p.m., and since we had a few k. to go before the next suitable camping spot, we stopped there, even though the tenting options were rough. It was now cold, driving us into our tents early.


July 24

Cool setting out at 8 a.m.


Above photo: Michael Paskevicius

But it warmed up by the time we reached Marble Meadows

Then we headed down the trail (constructed by the Ramblers in the ’60’s)

After a short paddle


we were back to my truck, and the exhaustion disappeared, replaced by the glow of a great week in the mountains of Strathcona Park.

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  1. Great trip report, we were up in Marble Meadows while you were on your traverse. Did you see the helicopter touch down somewhere in the vicinity of Phillips Ridge on July 22? We watched it from Limestone Cap.

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