Silver Level –Lifetime Climbing Objective — Matthew Lettington

–submitted by Matthew Lettington

Congratulations to Matthew Lettington (HEY! That’s me!). On Saturday, August 29, he (me, no I) successfully summited his (my) fifteenth of the twenty objectives from the Lifetime Climbing Objectives list. 

When not at all asked to comment he (me, no I) interjected, “Wow! How great to finally reach the fifteen!”. When the void didn’t respond, he (I) continued, “I’ll be honest, the journey to the top had some ups and downs. But, I took it one step at a time, and enjoy the views.” The void offered up a distinct groan, and the group descended in shame.

Matthew (I) provided the evidence below for your enjoyment. If you’re thinking gosh, why are there so few photos of Matthew (me), well, the photos are from his (my) camera and I don’t take selfies. 

Mount Arrowsmith – January 1, 2015

Mount Klitsa — July 14, 2020

Maitland Range (Mount Maitland) — October 8, 2018

Mount Donner —  June 29, 2019

Elkhorn — July 31, 2016

Mt. Filberg — July 26, 2020

George V Mount — July 4, 2011

Golden Hinde — August 20, 2014

Kings Peak — August 29, 2020

Mt. McBride — September 1, 2019

Mount Matchlee  — July 15, 2015

Nine Peaks — June 23, 2019

Rambler Peak — July 31, 2017

Rugged Mountain — August 13, 2014

Mount Schoen –August 15, 2015

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