Christie Falls, Thistle Mine, and Camas Ridge

September 26, 2020

~ submitted by John Robertson

We left our departure point under partly clear skies. From the sound coming from Bush Creek, we were quick to realize that the recent rain had increased its flow. Our first stop was the old cabin, still kept in great shape by the Ladysmith Sportsmen’s Club.  

Renewed by a few rainy days Christie Falls was a pleasant sight. We paused for photos, and then continued on to the Thistle mine. In the tailings, we quickly found telltale traces of green, indicating copper ore. We had a quick look inside the mine, and then carried on.

The fall colours were beginning to show on Camas ridge, and the moss was once again turning a rich green. On to the ruins of the old Regan resort, and then back to the cars, under a trace of rain.

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