Wesley Ridge: Showdown on the Summit

October 24th, 2020

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

Sunny as the day was, we had a chilly start and found a skiff of snow on the highest of the elevation. We moved at a quick pace along the ridge. Sticking to the boot track was tough at times, where the snow obscured the track, or where we got off route and waded through salal.

As the day wore on we took a moment a moment take in one last highpoint. Here, we had a showdown with AVOC! Two clubs sharing the view on this rise! There were a few tense moments– to be sure!  Nah, it was a warm greeting and conversation. But we scared them off in no time!

As we hiked from west to east, we finished the trip where the train tracks reach the road.

It was a fine day in the hills!

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