Mt. Prevost

June 5, 2021

~ submitted by Shannon Tagseth

Six of us headed out on our trip to Mt. Prevost on Saturday.  The weather said sun and cloud; we were all hoping to catch the beautiful views of the valley when we reached the summit.  Fingers crossed!  The wind was blowing with quite a bluster and it was lovely to get started by jumping quickly into the protection of the trees. 

This is a beautiful hike with a well-established trail and bridges although the water was already dry in most typical running areas.  We gently worked our way up and admired the lush green forest along the way.  We crossed paths with quite a few other hikers and their friendly pooches.  One of our members had relayed a story that their friends have previously driven up to nearly the summit.  Depending on the gates, this is possible at times, however we all agreed how lovely it felt to be outdoors, exercising and enjoying the company of others with the greenery and bird chirping to admire. 

We summited the first summit through a small rope section that was a fun little accomplishment on the up.  As we arrived to the first summit, we were still protected from the strong winds that we could hear still blustering around us.  We rested and admired the area for about 20 min, the views and the warm sun were lovely.  

As we walked away we could see all the yellow broom blooming along the power lines towards Lake Cowichan; it looked like a yellow brick road weaving it’s way through the mountainside!  We then discovered that indeed the gates were open and two cars were parked between the first summit bump and the true summit.  A group of folks were setting up camp for the evening. 

For us, we continued to the second summit and that is where we really felt those blustering winds!  We enjoyed lunch in the protection of the trees around the Memorial Cairn.  Such stunning views and we were glad the clouds were high and few for us to spend our time enjoying the area. 

We descended a different route down to avoid the rope section; it was a quick journey down.  A few sprinkles of rain arrived, however; the tree cover protected us nicely.  We had to be mindful of the wind as it was really blowing quite strongly as we descended.  A few times, we heard cracking and falling branches; thankfully, they were away from us but got the adrenaline moving a bit nonetheless!  Thank you to all the members that joined me on this trip; it was lovely to meet you all and wonderful to return to the outdoors with the club and enjoy time together once again!

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