August 1, 2021

~ submitted by John Robertson

It was promising to be a hot day when 5 of us met at the trailhead at 9. We kept a good pace for the 2 or 3 kilometres to the point at which we entered the ravine via a steep and dusty descent.

We were immediately rewarded with cool air and the gentle sound of the creek. We headed upstream, enjoying the beauty, and discovering interesting formations, rocks, or fossils with every few steps.

Wading in the creek was enjoyable on such a warm day. We spotted salmon smolt in the pools, waiting for their trip to the sea, and bird life of all sorts. Tracks in the sand showed us that we were not the only creatures to travel along the creek.

We lost track of time as we explored, but then realized that we should stop for a snack, and then retrace our steps, to get back to the “real” world. 

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