Augerpoint Traverse

July 26 – 29, 2021

~ submitted by Greg Deabler

The forecast for our Monday to Thursday Augerpoint Traverse was superb, and this time the mountain forecast was right on.  We had decided to do the traditional Raven Lodge to Buttle Lake direction, with the standard first day to Circlet Lake, 2nd day over Albert Edward and on to Ruth Masters Lake, with a third day to the tarns at the base of Jack’s Fell with side trips to be determined; both Augerpoint and Sid Watts were on the table.  A leisurely 4th day from the tarns down to the lake to pick up the vehicle left for the return trip to Raven Lodge.

The first day to Circlet started late morning after a car shuttle to Buttle Lake.  Ross and I handled the car shuttle and Andrew and Mary met us at Raven Lodge later in the morning.  Arriving at Circlet Lake in the pm, we made camp and three of us decided to hike to Amphitheatre Lake.

The second day was an early start, hoping to get most of the elevation done before heat of the sun caught up with us.  A quick trip and bit of a social on the summit and we headed down the many steps of the south ridge to the low point before the shorter climb back up Ruth Masters Lake.  A few other parties were also staying at the lake, but the dry conditions meant an expanded territory to pick a campsite.  Such a pristine location!

Another early start the next day found us at the Augerpoint col before mid morning, but the only 2 deciding on a side trip chose Sid Williams (actually my decision since Andrew wanted to do them all including Jack’s Fell, but I was thinking I had one good peak in me for the day).  Ross and Mary continued on to the tarns at Jacks Fell without the side trip.  Sid Williams was an enjoyable and relatively easy scramble and we were back to where we dropped our packs on the rise southwest of the Augerpoint col.  Coming down we decided to do a bypass of the next big bump by doing an off trail traverse on the east side of the bump.  A nice ramp made for relatively easy travel.  By the time we joined Ross and Mary at the campsite by the tarns the afternoon heat was fully upon us.  We spent a leisurely afternoon following the shade and repeated trips to the tarns of choice.

Later that evening, 4 younger gents (2 not that young), came up from Buttle Lake, intending to make it to Raven Lodge the next day.  Much to the disappointment of our group, campfire smoke was filling the air as the sun went down and burned for a while past sunset.  To compound it, yet another fire was started in the morning, in a different spot.  Although we reported the incident, with pictures and descriptions, there were many people coming through by Friday from Raven Lodge, and nothing more was heard.

Nonetheless an awesome week was had.  Many thanks to Andrew E. and Ross B. for their ever-superlative navigating skills, and to the senior but well experienced member of our group, Mary P., who came as a guest.  After all it was her idea! 

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