Kamma, Minna, and Pea Ridge

October 11, 2021

~ submitted by Mary Hof

On this Thanksgiving Day with so much to be thankful for, and remembering the memories of my dad’s death on this day, I decided to lead a hike to Kamma, Minna and Pea Ridge.  These ridges are out Port Alberni way out near Mt. Moriarty. I organized this hike for the Island Mountain Ramblers. My dad never thought much about my hiking but that is ok, today along the hike I thought of him often.

The hike to start was treacherous, with snow the night before and the ice on the rocks it was actually extremely difficult.  I think we all fell at least once and for some even more. Wearing spikes was not the answer as you would be taking them off and on. Within the first couple hours all our feet were soaked no matter what kind of boots you had.  With the snow from the trees and the wetness of the trail you could not be dry.

We continued as we had planned with a big day ahead of us.  First Kamma Ridge, then Minna Ridge and then we did decide to go to Pea ridge, some bushwhacking involved for sure. It did warm up and Pea Ridge is on a south slope so the snow was melting but it was still very slick in the trees. We had amazing views and could hear the marmots but did not see any. We made sure we kept far away from their dens as to not disturb them.

When we started the hike I was asked how long, my estimate was 6.5 hours, well 6.5 hours to the minute we were back. At one point someone asked how far back to the car, as we all seemed to be tired, I said I bet 2km, someone looked at their gps and said 2km is right on. I should have gone out and bought a lottery ticket.

Thanks to Ray, Robin, Ginny and Matthew for coming along. Thanks Ray for your guidance.

 If you are heading to the higher mountains be prepared, no more summer hiking. I am glad I always carry what I need but I could have used a second pair of mitts, even with my hot pads.

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