Maple Mountain Ramble

October 4, 2021

~ submitted by Mary Hof

Three eager hikers, two I have never met, joined me for a 10km hike on Maple Mountain. Starting from the trailhead of Southview Terrace we went up a route I used to do 20 years ago.  None of the others had been on that route before until we reached one of the bike trails.

It was a beautiful sunny day and the views did not disappoint. After reaching the top we came down the Pink, to Orange and did the ridge of Orange which I warned the hikers it could be bashing through some blackberry and scotch broom for a short distance, but no it was all good.

Thanks to those that bashed it out some. Reaching Daryl’s Bench via the ridge was a nice place for lunch and then it was a quick hike back to the vehicles.

It was a fun day and easy to lead these wonderful hikers.

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