Minna Ridge

October 23, 2021

~ submitted by Bil Derby

After cancelling the trip scheduled for 16 October and, thanks to John Young agreeing to co-lead,  inviting those folks to join in on the trip scheduled for the 23rd it was but seven of us that assembled at the trailhead and braved the wet windy alpine.

In the trees the fall colours were still showing well although the blueberry crop was significantly diminished. As we left the tree cover and gained the open ridge areas the clouds descended, the wind rose, and airborne moisture became a near constant friend.  With the quiet light and muffled sound that comes along with fog and low cloud we wandered in relative peace while admiring, and photographing, the tarns, colours, and so on. 

A little bit of snow joined the party, all on the ground thankfully, just as we met up with Matt and Phil coming back from their trip along the ridge. A quick hello and we were on our way again.

We turned back just short of the end of the ridge due as the cold wind, rain,  and worsening footing swept aside any remaining ambition to touch the pile of rocks that mark the height of the ridge.

Not the nicest weather but we all enjoyed the day and had the opportunity to welcome Joanna, Katie, and Jeff to the Ramblers.

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