Three Bears, Peden Ridge & Peden Lake (Sooke Hills)

October 23, 2021

~ submitted by Mary Hof

Our Saturday Oct 23 hike to the 3 Bears, Peden Ridge and Peden Lake was great. The forecast was for rain, but a few days before I asked the group of 10 did they want to hike in rain and they all said yes. Oh my goodness, I think people know me, I like nice weather lol, but as a leader I thought I will not cancel.

I packed all the rain gear and got to Sooke and it was nice weather, the sun even came out, we had one little shower. Everyone was in good spirits. 

I had hikers form the Outdoor Club of Victoria and the Island Mountain Ramblers it was good to hear what each club does. We all agree it doesn’t matter what club you belong to but it’s nice to be in a club and out on trails that the leader knows. The hike was 9 km and 600m elevation gain, lots of different terrain, beautiful forest, waterfalls, and open ridges. Lots of mushrooms and Peden Lake is always beautiful.

I was happy to lead some very youthful hikers, who were very excited to be there, and will be checking for the next hike I lead.  What more could a leader ask for.

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