Arrowsmith Saddle, Mt Cokely

October, 2021

~ submitted by Ken Warren

Unusually for this October, the clear skies demanded sunglasses and not raincoats. Nine of us set off from Pass Main for the Arrowsmith saddle on the snow dusted trail.

Before long, icy conditions called for microspikes and detours around rocky sections. With a better eye for the trail, Dean took the lead fairly early. We paused at the first viewpoint for pictures and mountain identification before heading up the draw. The snow was not very deep, but quite hard so our progress was careful and slow.

Upon reaching the saddle it was obvious our plan to scramble up to the Rosseau trail was unrealistic. The rocks were iced over and partially covered with frozen snow and there was a very strong wind. We headed along the saddle and took a short break in the best shelter we could find.

A quick tour of the saddle was completed before heading down. The descent was without incident and although we were disappointed with not achieving our original goal, we were quite satisfied with the views.

Thanks to all for the pleasure of their company and to Dean for his leadership.

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