Mount Allan Brooks Snowshoe

–submitted by Matthew Lettington
–Additional Photography by Jes Garceau

On January 15th, 2022, while Nanaimo lay under the oppressive dark typical of our Vancouver Island Winters, six members pierced through the cloud for an adventure in the sunshine!

Saturday, January 15, 2022, there was very little evidence of the abundance of snow that fell a weekend earlier. Then, more than a metre of fresh snow blanked the region. The freeze-thaw cycles of the week created conditions that made it easy for our group to gain elevation as we meandered to the Ranger Station.

We didn’t find an established track heading up to Allan Brooks, but the firm conditions made travel through the trees easy. The thick ice crust topped the well-settled snow creating a surface that supported our weight even when we ventured off the established boot track.

Following the south ridge, we emerged above the treeline, I was in awe of the distant Comox Range. Stretching before us, the sun reflected off the surface of many dramatic peaks — brilliant! The sea of clouds improved the view. I knew that the cloud that reflected light and made our day bright made the valleys and distant towns dark.

There’s no better place than the top of a mountain in an inversion.

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