Congratulations Mary on your 20 Hikes Achievement!

Congratulations to Mary Hof who has just claimed her 20 hikes achievement!

Mary offered these words: 

I guess like others, I don’t look at the website too often to see the different awards and challenges the Ramblers put on. But I guess my favourite 20 hikes that I have led or participated in are: Mt. Prevost, Mt Richards, Marys Peak, Mt Horne/ Westley Ridge Traverse, Maple Mountain, Mt. Moriarty, Mt Arrowsmith, Crest Mountain, Gowland Ramble, Three Bears Sooke Hills, Mt. Tzouhalem, Empress Mountain, Minnas/Pea Ridge, Mt. Cokely, Mt. Elma, Mt. Benson, Green Mountain, Bald Mountain, Cowichan River, Mt Quimper and Ragged Mountain.

As many of you know I lead for other clubs as well, and if I can, I encourage you all to lead a hike; it’s only by doing so that our club becomes stronger. You only have to look at social media on the hiking sites to see how many want to hike. I keep telling them to join a club, but that is only good if we have leaders to lead. No hike is too short or boring. Thanks to those leaders that have shown me the way on hikes. Your dedication is appreciated. 

Mary Hof

If you’d like more info on leading trips, the IMR has this information for leaders. 

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