Alberni Inlet Stage 1

April 11, 2022

~ submitted by Ken Warren

The drive to the trailhead was rather threatening as the temperature dropped and the slush from the morning’s snow covered the highway. We had to wear our rain jackets when we first set out as the snow was melting out of the trees, but within an hour the skies had cleared and the trees were no longer dripping.

The Arrowsmith massif and the Beauforts were beautifully mantled in white and our mood perked up. We had tea in the sun on the Mt Hankin lookout before dropping down to the main trail.

Trail conditions were good – damp but not muddy with a few winter blowdown. We had a leisurely lunch at Lone Tree Point with a couple of local hikers.

The return was uneventful and quiet due to the uphill nature of the trail. A good day was had by all.

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