Bald Mountain

March 30, 2022

~ submitted by Mary Hof

5 of us enjoyed a wonderful day hiking Bald Mountain. 11km, 650m elevation gain.

We started off hiking near the lake shore above the new housing on Marble Bay Rd. Oh, man – the scotch broom is 6 feet high and covers the whole trail for a section. I believe this part might be on private property, the only way to get around it would be by boat.

Anyways, we made our way through and came to a beautiful beach of Cowichan Lake. From there it was up, up, up, steep, rocky, slippery slopes. We did hang on to a chain that has been there for the last 25 years. On drier days it may not be needed but it was nice to have it today. The views are amazing.

Once at the top we had our lunch and wound our way down the regular trails of Bald Mountain. 

Thanks to Sue, Effie, Joseph, and Taz for coming along. Thanks also for sharing your photos.

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