Mount Prevost

April 27, 2022

~ submitted by Mary Hof

A day up Mt. Prevost to see how the Glacier lilies were doing didn’t disappoint. (Well, there was some disappointment, which I will explain further down this report).

Six of us started at Bings Creek at 9am. We climbed up and went to the old fire tower, where if you know where to look the glacier lilies were beautiful, more coming all the time, we also found some at the wind sock area.

We then climbed to the cairn and had great views.

We could see dark clouds coming our way so we didn’t hang around. What I saw at the cairn and the slope below was disgusting. Beer cans around, with broken beer bottles, and the worst thing was quads, have driven around on the slope where the glacier lilies are so beautiful. I just don’t understand some people. It certainly was a down point on the hike. 

We came down the old Blue trail, which now you don’t have to travel any logging road, and someone has made a beautiful groomed trail to hook up with the far end of Bings Creek. It’s beautiful, thank you to the ones that have made the trails so great.

I was also happy to see that Del’s trail is clear, and I hope all will keep calling it Del’s trail. Del’s trail is the first trail that goes left when starting at Bings Creek. Many many years ago Del cleaned that out, he has since passed away, there was a sign before, buts its gone.

Rain only came in the last 10 minutes of our hike, and hard rain only when we got to the cars. A wonderful 4 hour hike.

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