Nile Creek

May 8, 2022

~ submitted by Dorothy Benneke

Stats:  according to my AllTrails recoding, just under 15km with 360m accumulated elevation gain.  Total time:   4h, 25 min.

First:  time to Nile Creek for 3 of the group, time as a loop for 4 of the group, time out on a Rambler hike this year for 2 of the group, and although I’ve led hikes for other groups, first time leading for IMR.

Waterfalls:  YES, about 10 (I keep forgetting to count).

Mud:  YES…LOL!  Grateful to the Bowser trail builders who made some of the tricky, muddy spots a bit easier to navigate.

Five Ramblers were graced with good weather as we hiked some lovely and then MUDDY trails along the crystal clear waters of Nile Creek.  A promised, the further we went upstream, the more spectacular the waterfalls.  

Fresh air, forest bathing, chasing waterfalls and muddy boots made for a great day!

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