10 Summit Challenge

May 14 & 15, 2022

~ submitted by Mary Hof

10 Summit Challenge Accomplished!

May 14 & 15 saw Island Mountain Ramblers and Outdoor Club of Victoria members hike 40km and 1900m elevation gain. These two days were in preparation for our one day 7 summit hike.

Even though many members signed up, I had lots of cancelations right up to the last minute. Car shuttles were made in advance which complicated things but happy to say it all worked out. Some who were planning to hike the two days, were done after the first day. Good to know people are aware of their limits.

Weather was pouring when we driving to the trailhead Saturday, but once at the trailhead it stopped and we had a good hiking day, with even a bit of sun. Deciding as a group not to go up the face of Finlayson because of the wetness, we took the high trail around. Still not knowing where that high trail would come out, we decided to go lower and take the  park trail up and down to reach Finlayson. This added extra time, elevation, and km.

We then went to Homes Peak and all the bumps along the ridge. Jocelyn Hill, Mt Buxey (named 50 years ago by the OCV), Squally Reach, and Anderson Hill, gained our elevation. We had a car at Mt Work, where we finished the hike. 22km, 1200m elevation gain. Not bad for the 8 strong hikers I had. 

Sunday 6 of us started at Mt Work, and took trails to Stewart Mountain, Scafe Hill, Mt. Seymour, and Signal Hill and many other trails at Thetis lake. Not going to lie, I was tired. We had rain all day Sunday which made it harder, these women were tough.

Yay to Linda, Katherine, Anne and myself for completing the challenge. Thanks to Linda for leading todays hike through the maze of trails. Thanks for the pictures ladies.

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