Augerpoint Mountain Daytrip (Lifetime Hiking Objective)

On August 20, 2022, five Ramblers made the herculean effort to complete one of the club’s Lifetime Hiking Objects as a Daytrip. Though Augeropint Mountain is usually summited on the thru-hike to Mount Washington, we planned to do it in a day!

The forecast was unreliable, at best. The various models called for everything from lighting storms, rain showers and even sun. With low confidence in the forecast and trust that it was trending to better, we hit the trail at 6 am. 

The early start allowed us to gain the top of the first ridge in the relatively cool air of the morning. But the sun on the first ridge blasted us relentlessly, only dampened by a high-altitude cloud cover. We stopped periodically for snacks and water, but we had a schedule to keep so we didn’t tarry. After 6 hours, we had navigated the connecting ridge and were making our way up through the ramps to the summit of Augerpoint!
We followed our route back, keeping to the boot rack wherever possible. Gathering clouds instilled confidence that we were just ahead of poor weather. I took in the view and all the drama brought by the heavy cloud. Wonderful!
We reached the cars with 30 seconds to spare in our estimated time. In 11 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds we completed the 22 km 2200+ metres of elevation gain! We treated ourselves to a swim in the healing waters of the adjacent lake. 

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