Forbidden Plateau Traverse

–submitted by Brian Fleming
Forbidden Plateau Traverse (segment from a Lifetime Hiking Objective)
28.5km, 774m elevation gain, 8h23m
We enjoyed a great hike from Mount Washington to the old ski hill in Courtenay, Wood Mountain.

The weather was perfect and the views were even better.  The colours of the meadows were pretty stunning!  Water levels were a bit low and some tarns were completely dry.
We took a couple of detours to the standard route.  We found a side trail that led to Johnston Lake where we enjoyed a quick snack.  We also took a small detour through McKenzie Meadows where we walked through the tall grass, jumping over streams and enjoying the view.
We ran into around eight people doing the traverse in reverse.  One group had mentioned they saw bears in the trees up ahead a few hours ago but they had moved on by the time we passed.
Couldn’t have asked for a better day!

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