Wesley Ridge Traverse including Mt Wesley/Mt Horne 

–submitted by Dean Beaulac
📍 Wesley Ridge Traverse Loop
~Mt Wesley
~Mt Horne
~Echo Mtn
Had an awesome day leading my first hike with the Ramblers yesterday. Waking up with it being dark and 2 degrees, I spent way too much time trying to dress myself haha. An equal mix of being ready for the cold start, and the hot day I knew would show up once we started. I’d hoped for a bigger group, but in the end..the 3 joined was perfect. Much easier to surprise only 3 people with cheesecake haha:p

I wanted something easier and familiar for the first trip I lead for the club, and the hills around Cameron Lake are where I play the most, so was a good fit. Stats for our day were 25.5km, 11hrs, and just under 1500m of elevation gain. The target for the day, was a full meal type day of the Wesley Ridge Traverse including all the lookouts and peaks I could find. Got my butt kicked getting up to the benches, and then things evened out after that:p Ended up tagging Mt Wesley, Mt Horne, and the sub peak Echo Mtn ( Mt Horne’s sister peak) before dropping down from the saddle and taking the tracks and trestles along the backside of the lake to our vehicles…eventually giving us one big loop for the day:)
Such a humbling day spent with great company! It definitely feels like I’d been hiking yesterday, haha.

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