Crest Mountain Sunday Stroll

October 23, 2022

~ submitted by Ken Warren

As we approached the trailhead on Sunday the temperature dropped, frost formed in the slash, and wearing shorts was obviously a mistake – but onward and upward. With only four we kept a good pace up to the first tarn which was still liquid, although frost was forming around the edge.

All the smaller tarns were frozen. Along the trail we saw almost no fungi: far fewer than I’ve ever observed at this time of year. It was cloudy with some clear patches, but visibility was good. Making our way to the summit we came across three ptarmigan looking for a place to drink at a frozen tarn.

We had a leisurely lunch at the summit enjoying the view. As we left for the King’s Peak overlook the skies darkened and the temperature dropped. At the overlook we met an artist painting, our only company on the mountain.

We spent a few minutes enjoying the views, but left hurriedly when the snow started to blow in. The snow never got any worse than an occasional flurry on our uneventful descent. Dinner at the Riptide in Campbell River was excellent as usual.

Fair weather, good trail, great company and good food – a recipe for a memorable day.

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